About me and this blog

I am an avid reader, a lifelong learner and a concerned citizen. I believe that our species, Homo sapiens sapiens, indeed, the entire complex web of life on our planet may be running a disastrous level of risk. We have entered the Anthropocene and the threats to life as a whole, which includes humankind, are massive, complex, persistent and pervasive. Additionally, the unimaginable quantity of complex data and the scale of short-sighted, self-centered, self-serving opinion being pushed into the human social sphere, across cultures, through digital and other media and through rapid-communication information networks is overwhelming and difficult to make sense of. In this blog, I hope to remove blinders, think carefully, probe data and produce good information that forges connections or that makes cogent arguments about interconnections among multi-layered complexities. I hope to do all of this in a way that will make sense to others and prove helpful for long-term human understanding, long-term human survival, and the thriving of all sentient species on this planet.